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Eric Nam

Eric Nam is a singer, songwriter, actor and TV personality. Named GQ Korea’s Man of the Year, Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia, Eric is a household name and one of the most extensively touring and best-selling artists out of Korea. 

I'm partnering with Mindset for this capsule because I wanted to create a line of products that make me, and hopefully you FEEL GOOD. I want it to feel good when you touch it, when you wear it, when you take it out to run errands, or curl up to watch your favorite tv show. I want it to make you FEEL GOOD when you see the design and remind yourself to be "Happy, Healthy and Know That You Are Loved." I want to spread that message not only to you, but to the people who may see you - your friends, family, or even strangers, because we all need more positivity and happiness in this world.

Mindset has become the premier destination for artists and fans to connect around conversations about mental health, and until now it's been through digital content, but creating something physical that we can carry with us, that we can wear and remind ourselves to take care of our mental health journeys on a daily basis is something that I hope will help both you, me, and others as a portion of proceeds will be going to the JED Foundation.

It has taken me a while to recognize and understand that mental health is part of our holistic health. I spent a lot of time training my voice, my body and my skills to be able to work under difficult situations on stage, TV and in the public eye, but for a long time neglected my heart, my soul and my head. It took me a while to understand that we should care for our mental health in the same way that we should care for our physical health - through exercise, rehab and training. Mental and physical health go hand in hand and affect every aspect of our being and lives. Being mentally fit gives unlocks the potential for you to be the best version of your whole self. That's why throughout the years my go-to catchphrase has been "Be Happy, Be Healthy." A recent addition to that slogan has been to "know that you are loved," because you should love yourself wholly, fully, and unabashedly. You should surround yourself with people who love you and just in case you didn't know, because I love you. ;)

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