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I’m Amanda, better known as AmandaRachLee on the internet, and I create content about drawing, journaling & being creative in daily life. Growing up in Canada as a girl who loved to doodle in her notebooks, I never thought a career as an artist was possible especially because I didn’t see many Asian people in the arts. But when I was a teenager, I started uploading videos online secretly from my childhood bedroom. 10 years later, I have been able to start my own stationery company and I now get to draw for a living. My favorite part of it all is that I’ve grown a supportive community of people who love to doodle in their notebooks and collect stickers as much as my childhood self did.

My limited edition merch capsule with Mindset is finally here! I created this merch capsule with Mindset because I wanted to create a line of clothing that can become a source of comfort and motivation for myself and for all of you. I’ve always struggled with self esteem, validation, and impostor syndrome. The way I got to this point in my career was so unconventional that I constantly doubted whether I was worthy or deserving of the success and support. But throughout it all, the words that gave me the most comfort were “I’m trying my best”. I realized that I had a tendency to worry about how I was being perceived by others. I feel like many people do this unintentionally, we get caught up in living up to external standards – whether it be from society, family, or even random acquaintances. In reality, if you feel fulfilled by your own efforts, nothing else matters. I hope my design can act as a daily reminder to believe and trust in yourself.

While the internet has given me so many things that I’m grateful for like career opportunities, friends, and my amazing community, of course it has not been a perfect journey. When you let the internet take up so much of your life, it can definitely affect your mental health. I’ve been very open about my struggles with burnout, negative comments, and anxiety in my videos. Talking about this with my community has helped so much because we come together to comfort each other and it’s nice to know that we’re not alone. I also use journaling and doodling as my form of therapy, and I’m glad that sharing this art has been able to help others out. With that being said, I chose the Asian Mental Health Collective as the non-profit to donate 100% of my proceeds to because therapy and just being open about my mental health in general has been so life-changing for me. Unfortunately, I know that mental health resources like therapy are not easily accessible to everyone, and there’s also still a bit of a stigma around therapy within Asian culture. My hope is for there to be convenient, affordable & qualified resources for anyone who is struggling.

I hope that my merch capsule is able to spread positivity, self love, and inspiration to anybody that comes across my design. Please remember that you are beautiful and amazing inside and out! :)

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The Asian Mental Health Collective is a nonprofit that aspires to make mental health easily available, approachable, and accessible to Asian communities worldwide. Their core mission is to normalize and de-stigmatize mental health.